Configure X on AIX

December 6, 2016

On your PC:
Start the X11 server from the Startup folder and from a Windows command line check, if it's
listening for TCP/IP connection on port 6000:
C:\Users\IBM_ADMIN>netstat -atn | findstr 6000
TCP [::]:6000 [::]:0 LISTENING


On the AIX check, that ssh X11 forwarding requests are allowed:
# grep X11Forwarding /etc/ssh/sshd_config
X11Forwarding yes
If it's necessary, change the value and restart the ssh service. You can do it while you're logged
in, your current ssh session will not be dropped. Keep in mind, that the ssh X11 forwarding
will apply only to new ssh sessions, that are opened with X forwarding.
stopsrc –s sshd; sleep 2; startsrc –s sshd

Start new putty session. Now set the X11 forwarding on your workstation. If you have an command line ssh client e.g. as part
of Cygwin, run ssh -X <server_ip> to log in. If you use Putty, check that X11 forwarding is set for your session and don't forget to save the change.


After you log in, check the DISPLAY and authentification value. If it is as on an example below, run
xclock and enjoy.
# echo $DISPLAY
# xauth list
server/unix:10 MIT-MAGIC-COOKIE-1 6299564796e4cf089e38619a354cfdcc

On AIX server:
root@p710-test:/home/root # export DISPLAY=localhost:10.0
root@p710-test:/home/root # xclock




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