My own MQ service. MQ starts up its own daemons and default behaviour is that this does not work nicely with systemctl start & stop commands. You will need to add "remainafterexit=yes":

[root@lnx00006 system]# cat mq.service


Description=Example Service Script description goes here












Found on internet:

Stoppable oneshot service

(….)  there are sometimes units that need to execute a program to set up something and then execute another to shut it down, but no process remains active while they are considered "started". Network configuration can sometimes fall into this category. Another use case is if a oneshot service shall not be executed each time when they are pulled in as a dependency, but only the first time.

For this, systemd knows the setting RemainAfterExit=yes, which causes systemd to consider the unit to be active if the start action exited successfully. This directive can be used with all types (….)


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