AIX upgrades by NIM

April 26, 2017

When upgrading NIM clients with a TL or SP, you can do it like this:

See also Update from nim:

On the NIM server, decide on which disk on the client the rootvg will be cloned. In this case it is hdisk0:

nim -o alt_disk_install -a source=rootvg -a disk=hdisk0 -a fixes=update_all -a lpp_source=lpp_aix71TL04SP02 -a installp_flags="-acNgXY" myserver


When it is finished, the hdisk0 on the client has a VG called altinst_rootvg on it.

Now can also check the level of the cloned rootvg environment using the chroot command on the NIM client. This is very handy because the server keeps on running and this check ensures you there are no filestes missed.

First you must “wake up” the alternate rootvg.

alt_rootvg_op -W -d hdisk0

Next, start a (chroot) shell within the alternate rootvg and run the oslevel command to verify the updated TL/SP information.

# chroot /alt_inst /usr/bin/ksh

 # oslevel -s


Besides oslevel -s you can issue a few more commands to check the AIX level and filestes in the chrooted environment:


instfix -i | grep AIX
instfix -i | grep SP
lppchk -m3 -v

When you are ready, you can exit the chrooted command and put the altinst_rootvg into sleep:

alt_rootvg_op -S altinst_rootvg

At last: check if the server can reboot from the altinst_rootvg disk with:

bootlist -m normal -o






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