When you have set your proxy variables to reach Inter net sites, but your
yum repository resides locally, then you don’t want yum to have problems
reaching that local repo. Here is the solutioon: add “proxy=_none_ ” in
your repo file.

Example, Suppose these are your proxy variables:

export http_proxy=http://proxyav.sdsvn.org:8080

export https_proxy=http://proxyav.sdsvn.org:8080

Then your repo file can look like this:

root@lnxab27 yum.repos.d# cat localRHEL72.repo


metadata_expire = 86400

baseurl =”http://lnxab24/RHEL7_repo http://lnx00024/RHEL7_repo

name = RHEL7.2 repository

enabled = 1


gpgcheck = 0

This way, yum won’t bother the http proxy vars and will be able to reach
your repostiry on the other server ( here lnxab24).

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